Madonna Outfits

Every time Madonna releases a song she seems to reinvent herself and provides her fans with a wide range of costumes to choose from. For the past 20 years or more she has given plenty of people a great idea when it comes to choosing Madonna outfits. Some will be OK for most women to wear but some are quite daring and will take a lot of confidence to wear.

When she stared in Desperately Seeking Susan, she had a look that was all her own. From the lace gloves to    the high heels it was clearly something that Madonna would be remembered for. Add lacy knee length leggings – and that is knee length down and not up – and the look is complete. It may not be the sort of outfit to wear if you will be outside, but for indoors it will cause a stir.

As would be expected with Material Girl, there were some very elaborate costumes. Most will remember the long white dress that she wore when being carried by a number of smartly dressed men, but there were other Madonna outfits. One other dress appears to be a combination of a number of looks. It is very dark in color and is layered. It looks like a very up market version of the style of clothes worn in Desperately Seeking Susan designed for an evening event. There are the trademark high heeled ankle boots and lace gloves, large hair and a bow.

As her career progressed, so did Madonna’s look. She then went from the girl, next door via the material girl and started the sexy look leading to a new range of Madonna outfits. During the 1980’s the costumes went from black to gold. Who could forget the gold hot pants that were worn with a rather uncomfortable looking conical bra?  Never one to neglect her hair, there was of course a matching headband.

Even the bridal gown was not free from the sexy look as Madonna sang wearing a short white gown. The outfit comes complete with a veil and while it may become popular for fancy dress parties and hen nights, it is not likely that it will be seen in many other places. Not all of the Madonna outfits will be suitable for larger ladies, but there are some of the variations on the corset and lacy tights that are available in bigger sizes.
A lot of the Madonna outfits can be purchased or bought as complete outfits, but there are some people who will be able to make them up bit by bit. Gloves and corsets are easy to find and there will be many stores that sell the tights and headbands. Once a few of the items are purchased it will be possible to keep them and start to put together a second outfit.