80s Costumes for Dress

C1635_Material_Pop_Star             80s Costumes


The 80’s was a decade that had a wide ranging style and this could be as casual as the shell suit and then as dressy as the clothes that were worn on Miami Vice. 80’s costumes will be easy to find and whether it is for a fancy dress event or a production of a play by the local amateur dramatics association, then there is going to be an authentic look. In some cases it will be possible to get original merchandise that is still in good condition and even if it is a copy many will not be distinguishable from the originals.

Dynasty was all the rage in the 1980s and so a costume that was glamorous and had enormous shoulder pads would pass as an item that would be worn by Alexis. Music was another area where the look was clearly defined and this would mean the choice of the multi layered mix and match pieces of clothing that Madonna wore – anyone remember Desperately Seeking Susan – the two tone style preferred by Ska girls or the Disco Diva look that would include many luminous colors, leg warmers, ra ra skirt and high heels – white was preferred regardless of the rest of the outfit.

Men could have a range of styles to choose from when it came to 80s costumes, ranging from a casual white outfit of white t shirt, trousers and pumps a massive quiff fringe and glasses and there was instant Wham.  Prince Charming was no longer just a character from a fairy tale but a singer who cornered the market when it came to unusual trade-marks. Picture a pirate’s trousers and boots, Beau Geste’s shirt, a military jacket and then a white stripe across the nose. Adam Ant was probably the most recognizable of all male singers – well alongside Boy George that is.

Characters are just as popular when it comes to 80s costumes and there are many that can be worn for different situations. For a bit of fun there is the Marshmallow man that must have made everyone laugh at the end of Ghostbusters. Super Mario hit the stores in this decade and there are 80s dress costumes of this portly plumber while for an easy to assemble homemade effort then “Where’s Wally” will be quick and easy to put together. Big Bird comes in a number of guises – the actual costume looking as it does on Sesame Street or the female version that consists of a rather skimpy yellow outfit along with a delicate mask.

Not all characters have to be cartoon, and while Mr T may not have been everyone’s favorite member of the A Team, there is no way he would not be recognized and if something a little more scary was required, then Beetlejuice will fit the bill.