80s Costumes: Party Like You Belong in the 80s!


The 80’s was one of the decades that a lot of people considered fun, exciting and neat!  Throwing an 80’s themed party in the 90s wouldn’t have been right because there were those who were trying to forget the 80s. Now, hosting 80s themed parties is a trend – at least one person on the block or neighborhood has hosted a 80s themed party! 80s costumes have actually influenced a lot of today’s fashion! The 80s will always remain one of the “coolest” decades of the last millennium.


80s Costumes for Men and Women

An 80’s theme party is no doubt a great choice because the style and fashions of the 80s was quite bold and really vibrant. The movies of that era were memorable and the music was varied and sensational. When choosing which 80s costumes to wear, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.  You can decide to choose your 80s costume inspired by movies or music – you will have no trouble putting together a wonderful costume.


You can make up your mind to choose a 80s costume inspired by the music of that era. The 80s boasts of superstars like Michael Jackson, Prince, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Donna Summer and so much more. You can find costumes inspired by these mega starts, For instance, a lot of women choose to dress like Tina Turner or Madonna at 80s theme parties. The signature Tina Turner wig, cute mini skirt and iconic leg moves, makes the Tina Turner 80s costumes a huge hit with women. Pulling off the Madonna 80s look is easy, a black lacy glove with beads, tights and off-the-shoulder t-shirt – authentic Madonna 80s costumes can be found at local or online costume shops.   There are other 80’s costumes inspired by great 80’s bands such as Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi.


You could also wear costumes made popular by 80s movies and television shows.  For example, in the Back to Future Movies (which was a massive success in the 80s) the costume worn by Michael J Fox was made popular. You can choose 80s costumes from block busting movies like Goonies, Teen Wolf, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid and so much more!


There are unforgettable 80s television shows that inspired some awesome 80s costumes. For example, Charlie’s Angels costume (especially the Farrah Fawcett’s hair) is a huge hit with women. The costume from CHiPs (made popular by Eric Estrada) is a huge hit for men.  Other iconic 80s TV shows include Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Golden Girls, and the Cosby Show.


The aforementioned ideas are just a small starting point that will inspire you to choose cool 80s costumes – you want a 80s costume that is not only original but recognizable as well.