Madonna Outfits

Every time Madonna releases a song she seems to reinvent herself and provides her fans with a wide range of costumes to choose from. For the past 20 years or more she has given plenty of people a great idea when it comes to choosing Madonna outfits. Some will be OK for most women to wear but some are quite daring and will take a lot of confidence to wear.

When she stared in Desperately Seeking Susan, she had a look that was all her own. From the lace gloves to    the high heels it was clearly something that Madonna would be remembered for. Add lacy knee length leggings – and that is knee length down and not up – and the look is complete. It may not be the sort of outfit to wear if you will be outside, but for indoors it will cause a stir.

As would be expected with Material Girl, the...

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80s Costumes: Party Like You Belong in the 80s!

The 80’s was one of the decades that a lot of people considered fun, exciting and neat!  Throwing an 80’s themed party in the 90s wouldn’t have been right because there were those who were trying to forget the 80s. Now, hosting 80s themed parties is a trend – at least one person on the block or neighborhood has hosted a 80s themed party! 80s costumes have actually influenced a lot of today’s fashion! The 80s will always remain one of the “coolest” decades of the last millennium.

80s Costumes for Men and Women

An 80’s theme party is no doubt a great choice because the style and fashions of the 80s was quite bold and really vibrant. The movies of that era were memorable and the music was varied and sensational...

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80s Costumes for Dress

C1635_Material_Pop_Star             80s Costumes


The 80’s was a decade that had a wide ranging style and this could be as casual as the shell suit and then as dressy as the clothes that were worn on Miami Vice. 80’s costumes will be easy to find and whether it is for a fancy dress event or a production of a play by the local amateur dramatics association, then there is going to be an authentic look. In some cases it will be possible to get original merchandise that is still in good condition and even if it is a copy many will not be distinguishable from the originals.

Dynasty was all the rage in the 1980s and so a costume that was glamorous and had enormous shoulder pads would pass as an item that would be worn by Alexis...

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80s Costumes

For those of you in your 20s and early 30s – you grew up in the 80s. For those of you in your 40s and 50s – you were just becoming an established adult in the 80s. If you are being invited to a costume party that is 80s-themed, or just want to dress up in some nostalgia, you know your era well.

In starting with a costume, you need to remember the aesthetic of the 80s. This era involved big, back-combed hair; tights and leggings, aerobics, polka dots, bright colors, gaudy patterns, track suits, and heavy eye makeup. And as you know, that is just a taste. So here are some tips for your 80s costumes, meant for those who lived it and those who just want to act it out.

Let’s start with some general costumes. Of course, there is the valley girl. This would involve minimal effort...

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Tips For Making 80’s Costumes

 Budget Friendly 80’s Costumes

Fashion and music created so much fun in the 80’s. Today, heat of the 80s is back in the atmosphere. Luckily, you can create 80’s costumes with ease, whether it is Halloween costumes or other fashion themes.

If you are looking for budget-friendly ’80s costumes, there are some great ideas you can take advantage of. For instance, you can pick your favorite 80s character for your costume concept. Last Halloween, I mimicked “The Pretty in Pink” with my Halloween costume and got lots of beautiful comments and gestures! Amazingly, it only costs little to mimic this 80’s costumes.

You can consider mimicking “The Breakfast Club” from the 80s this Halloween...

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